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The Virus Help Team (VHT) is a multinational organisation setup with the aim of finding the latest viruses and removing them from circulation. This is why this site has been set up. From here, you will be able to download the latest versions of viruskillers, and gain necessary information on how to prevent and remove the latest viri for many platforms.

The first team that originated was the Virus Help Denmark, formally known as Virus Help Team Denmark, but due to circumstances beyond their control, they had to drop the "Help" part. They are still referred to, to this day, as VHT-DK.

[Original posted on Virus Help Denmark Site]
We are 5 guys, who earlier worked for Safe Hex International to prevent the spreading of virus. But as our policy couldn't fit SHI's, we decided to step out from the 31 dec. 1994 to start on our own. Our objectives are:

1) To fight and prevent the spreading of computervirus.

2) To aid users with virus relate problems.

3) To support all wellknown antivirus programmer with virus.

4) To be a NON-PROFIT group.

We will corporate with ALL, who support our sake. We simply don't care if they are Germans, Americans or wherefrom, as long as we can aid the computer users all over the world in the best possible way...

We do all this anti-virus work in our free time, we all have full time work next to our antivirus hobby.

Please support the antivirus programmers and pay the shareware fee. After all they are helping you, and saving you from a lot of trouble.

Virus Help Team Canada, is maintained by Charlene, who is both a member of VHT-CAN, and Virus Help Team Netherlands, as is Alex van Niel, the CEO of VHT-Netherlands. Here at VHT-Canada, we work hand- in-hand with the VHT-NL, under the help and direction of Alex. My duties include overseeing and moderating Alex van Niels viruschecker2 mailing list, trying to ensure that everything, runs smoothly for him. Helping Alex, by setting up a mirror of vht-nl. Alex has taken over for James, in maintaining VHT-Netherlands.

We have made use of a number of free services, and appreciate them all and give our public thankyou for services rendered. First there was Hamlet at Shadow-Realm whom supplied our 1st server for our site. Hamlet also lets us use his IRC server, which is very kind, on top of all that he has done for us a group. Outstanding fella! Also services like Bravenet and siteLevel who supply such things as our e-mail forms, vote casters and search site capabilities. The counters are now done with a cgi script from Zoltan Milosevic of Fluid Dynamics Software Corporation. For webchat we use 'EveryChat 3.61 1999 Matt Hahnfeld'. Redirection of vht-can.amiga.tm is courtesy of Amiga.tm, which has since dropped the redirection, due to his workload. Our name is in the databases at Amiga Link Directory, AmigaRealm, with the site maybe being sold, and AmigArt which does not exist anymore, I don't think. Among the miscellaneous services are Authored on Amiga, which is not on the Geocities site anymore, since GeoCities does not do webpages anymore. AmigaWebRing, Built With Amiga as well as MadeOnAmiga. The anti-virus announcement list is carried at Yahoo! Groups We stopped using both the CGISpy Services and the free RunBoard Forum Services, although the forum may be used again if our main forum at DK has ongoing problems. The time zone calculations are done through the WorldClock by TimeAndDate. Campaigns we belong to are the Viewable With Any Browser Campaign and last but not least the No Piracy Campaign, which seems to have gone into oblivion. Free Webserver for this site is Tripod.


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