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Hi, just fill in your name and e-mail address, along with your quick note in regards to any questions you may have. I will get back to you as soon as possible. If you have a moment, could you fill in the appropriate answers to the questions below. Thankyou, Charlene

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What type of computer do you normally like to use?
No answer
Commodore CDTV
IBM or Clone
Macintosh or iMac
Any computer I can get my hands on
I don't use a computer, my slave is doing this !!

Do you use the Amiga xvs.library?
No answer
I do not know
Never heard of the xvs library
I am not an Amiga user

Do you use the Amiga xvs.library with Voodoo-X?
No answer

Which Amiga anti-virus programs do you use?

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