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The VHT (Virus Help Team) exists to eradicate as many computer viruses (or viri) as possible, on all platforms. This Website is intended as a gateway to the users of all computers, to enable us to help you fight viri, and vice versa.

Since virus fighting and awareness goes hand in hand with security issues, we have our Pretty Good Privacy (PGP) Security page. There is a direct link to our PGP page on our Virus Warnings page. We are dedicated to making all files digitally signed with with PGP, along with MD5SUM checksums.

Contact information can be found on the About US section of this site. The About Us section, also has links to the other Virus Help Teams around the world, and their mirror sites.

The latest versions of all virus killers can be found on the Downloads page. Detailed virus warnings will appear on the Virus Warnings page. All pages are divided into their respective platforms, such as Amiga, PC, Macintosh, Linux and a Miscellaneous area for general odds and ends. It is a good idea to check on the other teams around the world, especially Virus Help Denmark. Jan of VHT-DK supplies us with the Amiga virus warnings and guides. You can also sign up for the vht-dk announcement list at Virus Help Denmark.

You may be wondering what is up with all the D links beside each image. You can read a full explanation on why we have enhanced our site with D links for the visually impaired.

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