Virus Warnings from April 2000

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   Date: April 13, 2000
   Platform: Amiga
   Warning About: Happy New Year 96 virus
   Report From:   Virus Help Denmark
   * Release Note: The archive was on Aminet for a very short time, but has
     since been removed.
   * Particulars:  Archive name: Imaged.lha
                   Archive size: 46.756 bytes
                   Infected file: InstallerFX
                   Infected size: 23.672 bytes infected
     Is is safe to use the program, AFTER YOU HAVE REMOVED THE VIRUS, with
     one of the big antivirus programs eg. VirusExecutor, VirusZ,
     VirusChecker or VT-Schutz. The clean file-size should be: 23.132 bytes.
   * Click here for VHT-DK Virus Warning vht-dk88

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   No virus warnings from April 2000


   No virus warnings from April 2000


   No virus warnings from April 2000

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