F-SECURE: Tips To Avoid Computer Worms

   F-Secure Media Release from November 21, 2000, are advising the
   public on how to avoid computer worms.
   "An up-to-date anti-virus program is still you best protection
   against worms and other types of viruses," says Mikko Hypponen,
   Manager of Anti-Virus Research at F-Secure. "However, there is
   a lot the end user can do to make his computing safer."

   The risk of getting infected by new and unknown worms can be
   minimized by following the following tips.


   1. Most of the worms which use e-mail to propagate use Microsoft
   Outlook or Outlook Express to spread. If you need to use Outlook,
   download and install the latest Outlook security patch from
   Microsoft. In general, keep your operating system and applications
   up-to-date and apply the latest patches when they become available.
   Be sure to get the updates directly from the vendor.
   2. When possible, avoid e-mail attachments both when sending and
   receiving e-mail.
   3. Configure Windows to always show file extensions. In Windows
   2000, this is done through Explorer via the Tools menu:
   Tools/Folder Options/View - and uncheck "Hide file extensions
   for known file types". This makes it more difficult to for a harmful
   file (such as an EXE or VBS) to masquerade as a harmless file (such
   as TXT or JPG).
   4. Never open e-mail attachments with the file extensions VBS, SHS
   or PIF. These extensions are almost never used in normal attachments
   but they are frequently used by viruses and worms.
   5. Never open attachments with double file extensions such as
   6. Do not share your folders with other users unless necessary. If
   you do, make sure you do not share your full drive or your Windows
   7. Disconnect your network or modem cable when you're not using your
   computer - or just power it down.
   8. If you feel that an e-mail you get from a friend is somehow
   strange - if it is in a foreign language or if it just says odd
   things, double-check with the friend before opening any attachments.
   9. When you receive e-mail advertisements or other unsolicited e-mail,
   do not open attachments in them or follow web links quoted in them.
   10. Avoid attachments with sexual filenames. E-mail worms often use
   attachments with names like PORNO.EXE or PAMELA_NUDE.VBS to lure
   users into executing them.
   11. Do not trust the icons of attachment file. Worms often send
   executable files which have an icon resembling icons of picture, text
   or archive files - to fool the user.
   12. Never accept attachments from strangers in online chat systems
   such as IRC, ICQ or AOL Instant Messenger.
   13. Avoid downloading files from public newsgroups (Usenet news).
   These are often used by virus writers to distribute their new viruses.

   More information on these latest worms (as of 23-Nov-2000) is
   available from:
   Navidad: http://www.F-Secure.com/v-descs/navidad.htm
   Hybris: http://www.F-Secure.com/v-descs/hybris.htm
   Music: http://www.F-Secure.com/v-descs/music.htm
   BleBla: http://www.F-Secure.com/v-descs/blebla.htm
   F-Secure Anti-Virus detects and disinfects these worms.
   About F-Secure Corporation
   F-Secure Corporation is a leading provider of centrally managed
   security for today's mobile, wireless enterprise. The company
   offers a full range of award-winning, integrated anti-virus, file
   encryption, distributed firewall and VPN solutions for workstations,
   servers, gateways and mobile devices. F-Secure products are uniquely
   suited for delivery of Security as a ServiceTM which provides
   invisible, reliable, always-on, and up-to-date security for the most
   widely distributed user base. Whether provided by corporate IT or
   delivered by service providers, F-Secure solutions extend policy-based
   security and instant alerts to all devices where information is
   created, stored or accessed. Founded in 1988, F-Secure Corporation is
   listed on the Helsinki Stock Exchange [HEX: FSC]. The company is
   headquartered in Espoo, Finland with North American headquarters in
   San Jose, California, as well as offices worldwide.
   For more information, please contact
   F-Secure Inc.
   Mr. Steve Gottwals, Senior Product Marketing Manager
   675 N. First Street, 5th Floor
   San Jose, CA 95112
   Tel +1 408 938 6700, fax +1 408 938 6701
   Email: Steve.Gottwals@F-Secure.com
   F-Secure Corporation
   Mr. Mikko Hypponen, Manager, Anti-Virus Research.
   PL 24
   FIN-02231 ESPOO
   Tel +358 9 8599 0513
   Fax +358 9 8599 0599
   E-mail: Mikko.Hypponen@F-Secure.com

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