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                    By Jan Andersen, Virus Help Denmark

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   [Information from Virus Help Denmark]
   This guide was made to give you a better look of the files that
   we have written warnings about over the past years.
   English only (Sorry)!

   This guide is written and (c) Copyrighted 1997-2000, by Jan Andersen
   of Virus Help Denmark using the warnings that we have been writing
   and send out on the Net's, with the exceptions of the virus warnings
   that Markus Schmall has written. But we have his permission to use
   them. No part of the guide may be altered in any way, without a
   written permission from Virus Help Denmark

   This Guide will be spread every 2 month, with all the new warnings
   by Markus Schmall and Virus Help Denmark. We will at that time have
   sent the new Warnings out on all the Nets and BBS'es, that we have
   access to (Internet, FidoNet, AmyNet etc.).

   If you want to use this guide or some of the warnings, please
   contact one of us and get a written permission to do it. If you want
   to use the warnings that Markus Schmall has written, please contact
   him to get his permission.

   This Guide is free to spread in any way, as long as nothing is
   altered in any way.

   * Amiga program capable of reading .guide files.
   * If MultiView is unavailable to you, VHT-Canada suggests
     [Available on the VHT-Canada download page]

   For more info, please contact:
   Jan Andersen                           Lars P. Kristensen
   Charlottegaardsvej 131      or         Safirvej 25
   2640 Hedehusene                        3650 Oelstykke
   DK-Denmark                             DK-Denmark
   E-mail: vht-dk contact form            E-mail: contact form

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