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                       About VT-Schutz (VirusTest)

                           By Heiner Schneegold

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   [Information from Virus Help Denmark]
   T H A N K S !! T H A N K S !!
   Please mark disk with "Viren" ('viruses')!!! Don't forget to mention
   your address and telephone number, a little note wouldn't be bad.
   (Both not necessary, only the VIRUS counts)
   I only search for new viruses and crunchers!! the disk will be
   formatted after copying the virus!. Address and Tel.Nr. is thrown in
   the trashcan after analysis! (no questions needed then) I always keep
   my promise!!

   VTSchutz is one the best virus killer, that is available for the
   AMIGA. It is brought constantly on the newest status and detects
   therefore very many viruses. Found viruses are removed from VTSchutz
   without large problems, without the programs contaminated before
   harm take.
   In addition VTSchutz (almost) is free. The Author expected no cash
   for itself, asks however for it, 5, - DM for a charitable purpose
   to donate.

   * All Amigas with OS2.04 or higher
   Programmer:    Heiner Schneegold
                  Am Steinert 8
                  97246 Eibelstadt

                         About VT Docs - English

                            by Thorsten Behrens

   If there are problems that might depend on the translation, send
   a short e-mail describing your problem.  I can't answer questions
   relating to any technical details of VT. However, I can try to
   clarify your questions from the original german documents.

   I won't take any warranty if, based on this translation, damage is
   done to your system. The only valid documents are the original
   german documents that came along with VTx.yz.

   Remember to regurlarly backup your system!

   Translator:    Thorsten Behrens

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   * Downloads Page has: VT-Schutz (VirusTest)
                         Doc Files in German
                         Doc Files in English
   * VT-Schutz at Dirk Stoecker's (Aminet Uploader)
   * VT-Schutz Homepage at Virus Help Denmark.
     VHT-DK also has screen-shots of VirusTest (VT-Schutz) finding the
     "Happy New Year 98" link.virus

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