Virus Warnings from October 2001

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    28 October 2001 - VHT-DK Warning: New 'Harrier A linkvirus' Found
   Virus Help Demark says a new virus is found. As far as we know, it has
   not been spread in the wild. This new virus, named "Harrier A" was able
   to disable the antivirus programs, but with  the new xvs.library v33.36,
   this in no longer possible, due to the new security stuff in the
   xvs.library code.
   Follow the above link for viruswarning - file is named vht-dk111.lha.
   * Click here for VHT-DK Virus Warning vht-dk111 Readme
   * Subscribe online to the VHT-DK Virus Warnings Announcement list.

    14 October 2001 - Warning: Bobek 3 Virus On It's Way
   Jan Erik Olausen, anti-virus programmer of VE, says "There will soon be a
   Bobek 3 virus out, so be at alert... If the Bobek 3 also hides in a
   Installer script, VirusExecutor (2.22) will say so..."
   * Click here for VirusExecutor v2.22
   * VirusExecutor Homepage at Virus Help Team Canada
     Has links to all files required and recommended to run VE2.22

    11 October 2001 - VHT-DK Warning: New Installer Of Bobek2 Found
   Virus Help Demark says the trojan will install the known 'Bobek 2'
   linkvirus. It has been on Aminet for about 4 month, but is has been
   removed now. So if you have installed the archive CoolBall.lha, it is
   a very good idea to check your system with an updated antivirus program
   and also the newest update of the 'xvs.library'.
   Follow the above link for viruswarning - file is named vht-dk110.lha.
   * Click here for VHT-DK Virus Warning vht-dk110 Readme
   * Subscribe online to the VHT-DK Virus Warnings Announcement list.

    10 October 2001 - Discovered New Installer Of Old BOBEK2 Linkvirus!
   Zeeball sent this warning with his new Safe Anti-virus program:
   There has been discovered new installer of old BOBEK2 linkvirus! It has
   been on Aminet for quite long time, and as I heard it even reached Exec
   cover CD. The archive containing the dropper of this virus is called:
   Name: CoolBall.lha
   By:   Patrz Podnogi (accoriding to funny readme in very poor english)
   File: Ball/Install - installs BOBEK2 linkvirus in memory
   This archive is said to be cool backdrop for WB, but the included
   installer is mixed with dropper of BOBEK2. Same technique has already
   been used with Bastard linkvirus.
   Please check your systems with recent AV software as this virus is quite
   buggy at all! The installer script recognition will be included
   in next xvs.library release.
   Thanks to Marcin Lewandowski for reporting.
   Thanks to Jan Andersen for the archive.

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   No warnings for October 2001
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   No warnings for October 2001

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    27 September 2001 - Latest Virus Descriptions
   Warning About:  StrangeBrew
   * Click here for F-Secure Virus Report
     Aliases:      Java virus, MPFS02
     Release Note: Found in August 1998, StrangeBrew was the first virus to
     infect Java files. Being Java based virus the StrangeBrew is capable of
     executing in almost any platform that has Java runtime environment
     installed. The virus is capable of executing on Windows and Linux
     platforms and in PDA devices which have Java runtime installed.
     StrangeBrew does not do anything else except spread. As such, it can
     not be considered a realistic threat. It has not been found in the

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    18 October 2001 - An Outbreak of Anthrax on the Internet?
   Is this just the beginning? Kaspersky Labs reports that two new Internet
   worms are making the rounds, trying to spread under the guise of important
   information about the anthrax virus.

    18 October 2001 - WebMoney Users Once Again in a "High-Risk" Group
   The latest Trojan program goes after WebMoney purses. Kaspersky Labs,
   announces the detection of the new Trojan, KWM, which allows malefactors
   imperceptibly to control infected computers and gain access to the
   personal payment accounts of WebMoney users.

    18 October 2001 - October 16: The Apocalypse is Postponed
   SirCams destructive function is not triggered on October 16, which is
   just like any other day. According to announcements made by a number of
   media sources, on October 16, a new wave of incidences connected with the
   widespread, destructive, malicious Internet worm SirCam was supposed to
   splash across the world. Kaspersky Labs moved to refute these claims
   (posted by KLabs on Oct 15), and announce that, according to what
   currently is known, modifications of the SirCam virus contain a bug,
   which results in the worm not being capable of destroying any data on
   this date.

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