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                            About VirusExecutor

                            By Jan Erik Olausen

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   [Information from VirusExecutor Guide]
   VirusExecutor is FREEWARE. This program may be freely distributed
   as long as:
   - the executable and documentation remain unchanged and are included
     in the distribution
   - no other charge is made than to cover time and copying costs

   No warranties of any kind are made as to the functionality of this
   program. You are using it ENTIRE at your own risk.  VirusExecutor
   has no known bugs and no Enforcer hits!

   * All Amigas with OS2.04 or higher
   * xvs.library
     Copyright Georg H÷rmann, Alex van Niel and Jan Erik Olausen
     Included within this archive
     Used for finding and removing virus
     VirusExecutor will not run without it
   * xfdmaster.library
     Copyright Georg H÷rmann and Dirk St÷cker
     Not included within this archive
     [Available on the VHT-Canada download page]
     Used for decrunching crunched files
     VirusExecutor can also run without this library, but then you
     can't check crunched files for virus
   * xadmaster.library
     Copyright Dirk St÷cker
     Not included within this archive
     [Available on the VHT-Canada download page]
     Used for extracting archives
     VirusExecutor can also run without this library, but then you can't
     extract and check archives for virus
   * reqtools.library v38.11 or higher
     Copyright Nico Franšois and Magnus Holmgren
     Not included within this archive
     [Available on the VHT-Canada download page]
     Used for requesters.
     VirusExecutor will not run without it
   * reqtools.library v39.1+ (optional update to v38.11)
     Copyright Nico Franšois, Magnus Holmgren, AROS Team
     Not included within this archive
     [Available on the VHT-Canada download page]

   If you have an old xvs.library or xfdmaster.library VirusExecutor
   will tell you about that.

   VirusExecutor (VE) is a virus killer that's meant to be easy to use.
   There's no 'advanced' options in the program that you almost never
   use anyway. This doesn't mean that VE is in the lack of power!

   * Easy to use (hopefully) ;)
   * Checks and download new versions of important files from Aminet
   * Automatically analyzes an unknown bootblock. Detects 99% of any
     new virus.
   * Bootblock database for recording of utilities boots, loaders etc.
   * Checks executables and data files
   * Checks files in LHA/LZX/ZIP archives (more to come)
   * Checks memory every 3 seconds for viruses
   * 'File watch' feature
   * A huge patch brain with over 1.300 known patch entries
   * Supports: English, norsk, dansk, deutsch, franšais, svensk and
               portuguŕs catalogs

   For more info, please contact:
   Programmer:    Jan Erik Olausen
                  E-mail: JEO contact form

   Press here to get my PGP public key.

                            About Xvs.library
                     The eXternal Virus Support Library
        Copyright Georg H÷rmann, Alex van Niel and Jan Erik Olausen

   [Information from Virus Help Denmark]
   The entire XVS software package is written and copyright 1997-99 by
   Georg Hvrmann. During December 1999 to June 2001, Alex van Niel took
   over programming. Additional changes and updates during June 2001 and
   onwards are copyright 2001 Georg H÷rmann and Jan Erik Olausen.

   This Library contains all the virus recognition and removal code that
   was formerly included in VirusZ. This step has been taken for one
   major reason: VirusZ can be updated fast without releasing the whole
   package every week by simply releasing a new library version.
   So simply install the library in this archive to your LIBS: drawer
   to get 100% protection against the latest viruses.
   Right now there are a few anti-virus that uses the xvs.library to
   find and remove the nasty viruses. Here are the names:
   VirusZ II & III - VirusChecker II - VirusExecutor - VirusSlayer II
   CheckX - Safe.

   [Note from Virus Help Team Canada]
   Andrew Bell uses Xvs.library in Voodoo-X, which is the GUI for the
   XAD package from Dirk Stoecker.

   You can contact the programmer at this address:

   Georg Hoermann
   Martinswinkelstrasse 16c
   82467 Garmisch-Partenkirchen
   Email: contact form
   * Georg's public PGP key

                          About xfdmaster.library

                             Decruncher System
                 Copyright Georg H÷rmann and Dirk St÷cker
   [Information from xfdmaster.library Homepage]
   As Georg H÷rmann has not longer time to develop both xfdmaster
   library and VirusZ antivirus program (together with xvs.library),
   I (Dirk St÷cker) do further updates.
   This software package allows you to decrunch almost every packed
   file known on the Amiga. It consists of the xfdmaster.library as
   the brain and a couple of programs that offer certain functions to
   the user.
   The xfdmaster.library is a standard Amiga shared, runtime library.
   It works with Kickstart V33+ and offers applications the possibility
   to directly support any crunched files.
   The xfdmaster.library has a very flexible interface, offers the
   possibility to decrunch already loaded program segments, supports
   external decrunchers, is able to unlink 4EB9/4EF9- and text-linked
   files and can scan for crunched data in any memory area.
   New crunchers, linkers, crunched files, linked files, comments and
   any other new stuff is welcome.

                          About reqtools.library

                       Amiga Shared, Runtime library
                Copyright Nico Franšois and Magnus Holmgren

   [Information from ReqTools Guide]
   reqtools.library is a standard Amiga shared, runtime library. The
   purpose of ReqTools is to make it a lot quicker and easier to build
   standard requesters into your programs. ReqTools is designed with
   Commodore's style guidelines in mind, all requesters have the
   look-and-feel of AmigaDOS Release 2.

   If you use ReqTools in your programs you do not have to worry about
   requesters too much. You'll have a lot more time to concentrate on
   the really important stuff your program does.

   The library has been inspired by req.library (by Colin Fox & Bruce
   Dawson) and Commodore's own asl.library. You will find it shares a
   lot of the features with these two libraries, while it has some
   additional ones as well. While asl.library was great in look-and-feel
   I [Nico Franšois] felt it lacked quite a bit in the power department.
   This power is mostly available in req.library, but this doesn't fit
   in too well with AmigaDOS Release 2. So the idea for a new requester
   library was born.

   ReqTools features the following requesters: a query requester, a
   string requester, a number requester, a file requester, a font
   requester, a palette requester and new in release 2.0 of ReqTools a
   volume requester and a screen mode requester.

                            VirusExecutor Links

   * Downloads Page has: VirusExecutor (VE PatchBrain included)
                         VirusExecutor Patch Brain
                         Note: You only need this PatchBrain, if this has a
                               more recent release date than the
                               VirusExecutor Program, above.
                         reqtools.library (optional AROS version)
                         xfdmaster.library (optional)
                         Pick whichever XAD matches your CPU (optional)
                         xadmaster.library [000]
                         xadmaster.library [020]
                         xadmaster.library [060]
     The versions we have online, may or may not be Jan Erik's latest
     version he has been working on. For the latest version from JEO,
     you'll need your Amiga connected by PPP then run the Live Update
     within the VirusExecutor program (menu item Utilities >> Update files)
   * VirusExecutor Homepage at Virus Help Denmark.
     VHT-DK also has screen-shots of VirusExecutor finding the
     "Happy New Year 98" link.virus
   * Jan Erik Olausen's Homepage.

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