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                              By Dirk Stöcker

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   [Information from CheckX Program]
   This program is Freeware. Use it as you want, but WITHOUT ANY

   NOTE: xadmaster.library is Shareware, so think about registering
   when using this utility. See conditions in xadmaster.library

   * xadmaster.library
     Copyright Dirk Stöcker
     Not included within this archive
     [Available on the VHT-Canada download page]
     The xadmaster.library (V5) is needed to run the utility,
     and used to dearchive file and disk archives.
   * xvs.library
     Copyright Georg Hörmann, Alex van Niel and Jan Erik Olausen
     Not included within this archive
     [Available on the VHT-Canada download page]
     The xvs.library is recommended! For packer and virus scanning.
   * xfdmaster.library
     Copyright Georg Hörmann and Dirk Stöcker
     Not included within this archive
     [Available on the VHT-Canada download page]
     The xfdmaster.library (V37) is needed to run the utility,
     and for for packer and virus scanning.
   * xpkmaster.library
     Copyright Dirk Stoecker, Christian von Roques, and
     Urban Dominik Mueller
     Not included within this archive
     [Available on the VHT-Canada download page]
     The xpkmaster.library is needed with ASKPWD password only
     and to decrunch XPKF files.

   CheckX detects all the viruses found by xvs.library, which contains
   the complete antivirus knowledge of VirusZ utility by Georg Hörmann.
   CheckX cannot remove detected viruses. You still need antivirus
   software like VirusZ, VT or Virus_Checker. I always run VirusZ in
   the background to check for viruses.

   CheckX also scans disk archive information texts for packers and
   viruses and also bootsectors of dearchived disks. The memory is
   scanned once after starting CheckX.

   CheckX unpacks archives and packed files as deep as possible:
   * you can unarchive a crunched archive as well
   * multiple crunched files can be decrunched
   * multiple archives can be extracted
   * multiple disk archives can be extracted
   * linked and crunched and archived files are no problem
   This all depends mainly on your memory size! If have around 50MB
   and have only little problems with really large files.
   CheckX is completely reentrant and may work fine twice or more
   times parallel (You can set the pure file protection bit and make
   it resident).  But it is not recommended to call it multiple times
   as CheckX normally needs lots of memory. This is a batch tool, so
   drink a coffee or two or three during its work. Check the logfile

   CheckX cannot scan files, which are read-protected. You get CheckX
   error 4 as result in that case. Unprotect files and scan again
   when you want. For files contained in archives, the protection bits
   are ignored.

   CheckX cannot scan files, which are too large for your memory. This
   surely is an disadvantage. Use VirusZ or another viruschecker to
   scan large archives.

   For more info, please contact:
   Programmer:    Dirk Stoecker
                  Geschwister-Scholl-Str. 10
                  01877 Bischofswerda
                  Dirk Stoecker's Homepage

   Press here to get my PGP public key.

                         About XAD-Master Library

                          Copyright Dirk Stöcker

   [Information from XAD-Master Homepage]
   This is a library providing an interface for unarchiving all
   possible types of file or disk archives. It is NOT an archiver GUI
   or anything like that. This system does the COMPLETE unarchiving
   stuff with internal routines, NOT calling shell programs or using
   other programs to do the work! It is comparable to xfdmaster.libray
   system providing same features for crunched files and programs.
   The system has lots of features. Here is a list of some:
     * unique interface for all archiver types
     * open structure and interfaces
     * users can add own archiver formats without much effort
     * uncrippled shareware
     * very stable and error resistant (unlike most of the original
     * most important archivers lha, lzx and zip are supported
     * most important disk archivers dms and zoom are supported
     * lots of other archivers are supported as well!
     * also supports self extracting archives, which could not be
       unarchived before (because they crash on newer Amigas or are
       for different operating systems)
     * disk archives can be extracted to disks and files (ADF)
     * files can be extracted from disk archives and disk image files
     * programs can use this system very easy (some virus checkers do
   The xadmaster.library is Shareware with very special conditions.
   There are no usage restrictions (means this is no Crippleware!),
   and xadmaster.library use can be implemented into programs without
   any restrictions.  Only the end users have to pay shareware fee,
   if using xadmaster.library.

   VHT-Canada Announcement
   Dirk now has the XAD package seperated to make for easier downloads.
   The xadmaster developer files and source examples are not available
   on VHT-CAN. If desired, you can Search Aminet for xadmasterdev.
   Now, you only have to download the archive you need (for your CPU):
   xadmaster000.lha : 68000 and 68010
   xadmaster020.lha : 68020, 68030, 68040
   xadmaster060.lha : 68060
   xadmasterdev.lha : developer files and source examples

                            About Xvs.library
                     The eXternal Virus Support Library
        Copyright Georg Hörmann, Alex van Niel and Jan Erik Olausen

   [Information from Virus Help Denmark]
   The entire XVS software package is written and copyright 1997-99 by
   Georg Hvrmann. During December 1999 to June 2001, Alex van Niel took
   over programming. Additional changes and updates during June 2001 and
   onwards are copyright 2001 Georg Hörmann and Jan Erik Olausen.

   This Library contains all the virus recognition and removal code that
   was formerly included in VirusZ. This step has been taken for one
   major reason: VirusZ can be updated fast without releasing the whole
   package every week by simply releasing a new library version.
   So simply install the library in this archive to your LIBS: drawer
   to get 100% protection against the latest viruses.
   Right now there are a few anti-virus that uses the xvs.library to
   find and remove the nasty viruses. Here are the names:
   VirusZ II & III - VirusChecker II - VirusExecutor - VirusSlayer II
   CheckX - Safe.

   [Note from Virus Help Team Canada]
   Andrew Bell uses Xvs.library in Voodoo-X, which is the GUI for the
   XAD package from Dirk Stoecker.

   You can contact the programmer at this address:

   Georg Hoermann
   Martinswinkelstrasse 16c
   82467 Garmisch-Partenkirchen
   Email: contact form
   * Georg's public PGP key

                         About xfdmaster.library

                             Decruncher System
                 Copyright Georg Hörmann and Dirk Stöcker
   [Information from xfdmaster.library Homepage]
   As Georg Hörmann has not longer time to develop both xfdmaster
   library and VirusZ antivirus program (together with xvs.library),
   I (Dirk Stöcker) do further updates.
   This software package allows you to decrunch almost every packed
   file known on the Amiga. It consists of the xfdmaster.library as
   the brain and a couple of programs that offer certain functions to
   the user.
   The xfdmaster.library is a standard Amiga shared, runtime library.
   It works with Kickstart V33+ and offers applications the possibility
   to directly support any crunched files.
   The xfdmaster.library has a very flexible interface, offers the
   possibility to decrunch already loaded program segments, supports
   external decrunchers, is able to unlink 4EB9/4EF9- and text-linked
   files and can scan for crunched data in any memory area.
   New crunchers, linkers, crunched files, linked files, comments and
   any other new stuff is welcome.

                         About XpkMaster Library

               Copyright Dirk Stoecker, Christian von Roques
                         and Urban Dominik Mueller

   [Information from XpkMaster Homepage]
   XPK is an interfacing standard between application programs and
   packer libraries. Every XPK application program can pack data with
   any XPK packer.
   XPK is copyrighted, but freely distributable for non-commercial
   use. Some parts of XPK have a different legal status, ie. PD, GPL
   or shareware.
   The author
   Starting with version 3.10 I (Dirk Stöcker) am the programmer of
   xpkmaster.library. I continue the work of Urban Dominik Müller and
   Christian von Roques with their permission!

                               CheckX Links

   * Downloads Page has: CheckX
                         Pick whichever XAD matches your CPU
                         xadmaster.library [000]
                         xadmaster.library [020]
                         xadmaster.library [060]

   * Dirk Stoecker's Homepage in Germany
     The Anti-Virus Page includes the TestVirus File. This archive includes
     a set of testfiles, for people who want to check the proper operation
     of their anti-virus software without using actual viruses. These files
     will be reported as virus infected if your anti-virus system is
     properly installed. (TestVirus archive by Zeeball and Dirk)
   * XAD Mailinglist (Yahoo! Groups)

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