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                                About Safe

                    By Zbigniew `Zeeball` Trzcionkowski

           Safe no longer under development as of July 14, 2002
            Replaced by Zeball's MILL Modular antivirus project

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   [Information from Safe Program]
   Safe is FREEWARE program
   Safe is small CLI command to detect [linkviruses] in your system.
   It checks memory and itself only when running and NOT resides
   anywhere in memory. The only resident thing is TCP patch - see
   TCPPATCH/S.  Safe allows You to remove almost EVERY patch from
   (New)LoadSeg - see VECS/S

   All you have to do is to use my installer script or put Safe icon
   to your partition and run it when you need.  Don`t forget that
   Safe runned more times = safer system, so you can add also Safe
   to buttons of Opus, Diskmaster etc.

   Safe can discover new viruses only when it`s file is placed in
   write-enabled device with some free space. Standard RAM: cannot
   be used because it`s always 100% full, and lot of viruses can`t
   infect files placed in RAM:

   If Safe works - you will not see anything.If virus found you have
   to run big viruskiller like VirusChecker and remove it.

   * All Amigas with OS2.04 or higher
   * xvs.library
     Copyright Georg Hörmann, Alex van Niel and Jan Erik Olausen
     Not included within this archive
     [Available on the VHT-Canada download page]
   * asl.library
     Needed if writing report with REP parameter and to write memory
     with SAVEMEM.
   * `resident` command in C:
     Needed if installing TCP patch.
   * VerifySafe
     Safe verify tool
     Copyright Zbigniew Trzcionkowski
     Not included within this archive
     [Available on the VHT-Canada download page]
   * SimpleHTML
     Needed if using the default WB icon in the 'SafeDocs' archive
     Copyright Sebastian Bauer
     Not included within this archive
     [Available on the VHT-Canada download page]

   For more info, please contact:
   Programmer:    Zbigniew Trzcionkowski
                  Astrow 7
                  43 250 Pawlowice

   Zbigniew 'Zeeball' Trzcionkowski Homepage
   Press here to get my PGP public key.

                            About VerifySafe

                             Safe verify tool!
                     Copyright Zbigniew Trzcionkowski

   [Information from VerifySafe Readme]
   When You run it:
   1. the asl requester should appear to choose the Safe file.
   2. If chosen file really is Safe 15.3 or newer, the message
      will appear in specially opened CON: window.

                            About Xvs.library
                     The eXternal Virus Support Library
        Copyright Georg Hörmann, Alex van Niel and Jan Erik Olausen

   [Information from Virus Help Denmark]
   The entire XVS software package is written and copyright 1997-99 by
   Georg Hvrmann. During December 1999 to June 2001, Alex van Niel took
   over programming. Additional changes and updates during June 2001 and
   onwards are copyright 2001 Georg Hörmann and Jan Erik Olausen.

   This Library contains all the virus recognition and removal code that
   was formerly included in VirusZ. This step has been taken for one
   major reason: VirusZ can be updated fast without releasing the whole
   package every week by simply releasing a new library version.
   So simply install the library in this archive to your LIBS: drawer
   to get 100% protection against the latest viruses.
   Right now there are a few anti-virus that uses the xvs.library to
   find and remove the nasty viruses. Here are the names:
   VirusZ II & III - VirusChecker II - VirusExecutor - VirusSlayer II
   CheckX - Safe.

   [Note from Virus Help Team Canada]
   Andrew Bell uses Xvs.library in Voodoo-X, which is the GUI for the
   XAD package from Dirk Stoecker.

   You can contact the programmer at this address:

   Georg Hoermann
   Martinswinkelstrasse 16c
   82467 Garmisch-Partenkirchen
   Email: contact form
   * Georg's public PGP key

                            About SimpleHTML

                       An Offline HTML Files Viewer
                         Copyright Sebastian Bauer

   [Information from SimpleHTML site]
   SimpleHTML allows you to view HTML Files offline. It is useful to show
   smaller HTML files quickly (for instance as MIME Viewer for HTML files
   in YAM). But it supports only a little subset of the HTML Tags. Also
   an html.datatype is available.

   The requirements are very low. You only need at least OS3.0. To view
   embedded pictures you also need some installed picture datatypes.

   For more info, please contact:

   Programmer:  Sebastian Bauer

                                Safe Links

   * Downloads Page has: Safe
                         xvs.library (required)
                         VerifySafe (Safe verify tool)
                         Integrity Tool
                         WatchDog Memory Tool
                         Zeeballs PGP Key (to check signatures)
                         Safe Docs [English] [French] [Polish]
                         - Get English if it's newer than in Safe archive
                         Safe Docs Extras (HTML WB Icon using SimpleHTML)
   Special Note: Some versions of Safe has been packed with LZX instead of
   LhA. LZX is available on Aminet, and works similar to LhA. Another way to
   unarchive the file, is by using the excellent XAD package. The XAD package
   is shareware, but well worth the small investment.
   * Recommended:        xadmaster.library [000]-[060] (extract archives)
                         LZX de-archiver (Aminet)
                         SimpleHTML HTML viewer for SafeDoc icon
                         SimpleHTML HTML viewer for SafeDoc icon (Aminet)
                         Sebastian Bauer's SimpleHTML Site

   * Zbigniew 'Zeeball' Trzcionkowski Homepage
   * Latest Safe Updates available at Virus Help Denmark
   * Dirk Stoecker's Homepage in Germany
     The Anti-Virus Page includes the TestVirus File. This archive includes
     a set of testfiles, for people who want to check the proper operation
     of their anti-virus software without using actual viruses. These files
     will be reported as virus infected if your anti-virus system is
     properly installed. (TestVirus archive by Zeeball and Dirk)

   Un-archiving Instructions for LZX Files:

   1) Unarchive using XAD with filename Safe169.lzx
      shell prompt> xadunfile Safe169.lzx
      Results: You will find the Safe16.9 directory in your present
      Unpacked filedate: Using XAD will keep filedates accurate.

   2) Un-archive using UNLZX with filename Safe169.lzx
      shell prompt> uNLZX x Safe169.lzx Ram:
      Results: You will find the Safe16.9 directory in Ram:
      Unpacked filedate: Using UNLZX will make filedates dated the day
      they are unarchived. You need to apply the lzx patch in order to
      have accurate filedates

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